Post-Jam update

Hello! Thank you for playing our little jam game!

Today I uploaded two new versions: Jam fix & Rebalanced

Jam Fix is a fixed version of the game that addresses the annoying crash on the "Crab Ambush" event. The game is in the exact same state as we finished the game during the jam just that it won't crash (but still has some rare & minor bugs).

Rebalanced: I took a bit of time to fix some bugs and re-balance the game to make it a bit easier yet maintaining its challenge . Below is a list of (almost) all of the changes in the Rebalanced version of the game:

  • Alilo starts with 7HP instead of 5HP
  • Alilo inmunity after hit increased from 30 to 50
  • Numbered Crates reduced from 5 to 3 so to cluster the screen less
  • Numbered Crates spawn further from each other
  • Reduced the speed of car from 1.35 to 1.2
  • Increased size of map when getting the car
  • Ultimate takes 15 enemies to recharge instead of 10
  • Shop items slightly more separated, fruit and mushrooms are swapped
  • Mushrooms in the shop additionally heal 1HP
  • Fruit in the shop heals for 2.5HP instead of 1HP
  • Bonfire slightly smaller, easier to fire up
  • Moles have 1HP less
  • A maximum of 9 enemies can be on the screen (except when an event increases it)
  • Enemy spawn times slightly increased from 120 to 130 (an event can lower it)
  • Crabs shoot 5 degrees wider, bullets more separated
  • Crabs & Flies have random starting speeds
  • Increased boss difficulty
  • Earthquakes spawn time in between increased from 50 to 60

Controls: Added mouse buttons for

  • Left button: Jump
  • Middle button: Ultimate
  • Right button: Blinking


  • Fixed that bullets wouldn't match with the hitmarker
  • Fixed some collision boxes
  • Fixed that completing objectives other than "Defeat Enemies" would stop new events from happening
  • Possibly fixed that you could get stuck with the car on a corner


The game has around 15 events or so¿? With a mini-final boss! It was super hard in the original jam version to get to it, but hopefully these re balances makes it less unforgiving.

Again, thank you for playing!


ALILO (Jam fix) 20 MB
Jul 19, 2020
ALILO (Rebalanced) 20 MB
Jul 19, 2020

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