Chunky Post-Jam Update

Hello! A new improved more stable version of the game is here! Do not forget to share your ✨ masterpieces✨with us!

There were a lot of ideas and gameplay to polish that we just could not resist to work on this past week, and we might do a v1.2 update with some extra content down the line too, I won't ramble on the details but here is the full changelog:

  • FIXED THE THING, sometimes mobilia wouldn't connect (this bug has given me so much trouble, so glad that it has been slayed)
  • Fixed that the timer would still work after exiting the game
  • Changed object collision to allow for rotations (they should snap now in places that make more sense)
  • Added visual reference to see where joints are going to be placed in the furniture
  • Improved physics! (I hope!)
  • Cursor icon now changes to red/yellow depending on its state
  • Settings now get saved if you change them (with the exception of shaders
  • Added GAMEOVER sounds
  • 1 in 100 chance of getting the unused Dungeon theme to play
  • Added cursor to title screen
  • Added cute turnip sticker to the title screen
  • Fixed that music would stop on the title screen if you turn off music/master volume and then turn it on again
  • Updated Mission Briefing to be PRETTIER overall
  • Mission briefing displays bonus objectives as well
  • Moved the furniture paper down to the corner
  • Fixed that clicking anywhere would reset physics for a frame (this still happens in toybox however)
  • Added extra mobilia
  • Fun Slide mission now is beatable
  • Multiple Quality of Life improvements to games
  • Tablecloth now functions more like a tablecloth than a brick
  • Changed the game flow from a timer to lifes, being more forgiving and letting you relax a bit more and have fun
  • Time for each mission starts at 2 minutes and as difficulty increases it gets lower
  • You have 3 lifes and each 10 levels completed grants you an extra life
  • Now you can reshuffle mobilia (but be careful! there might be a challenge to not do so!)

+ Extra miscellaneous & bug stuff that magically got fixed while re-coding some of the game systems :0

Thank you for playing!❤️


Do The Thing! v1.1 24 MB
Jun 20, 2021
Do The Thing! v1.0 (JAM!) 21 MB
Jun 20, 2021

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