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Telemochi is a 2 player game meant to be played in two different computers  (it works offline too!). Both players need to select the same level to play and then share each other's codes for the game to properly generate a procedural world for both players to interact & connect with. Once each player spawns in the world, they'll have to complete a set amount of puzzles to beat the game, to do so each player is given a map however the information on it will be swapped! You have your friend's map and they have yours! The same way the solution to each puzzle is located in the other map, meaning communication is key to beat the game!

The inspiration for this idea came from the global game jam's theme: Lost and Found; however for various reasons we chose to take our time and make it a chill one week project.

We hope you have fun playing our little game!


Feb 05, 2021

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